Yip, that is right, we have received a new order of beautiful enamel ware that will make any kitchen proud. This Beige and Cream range is available in the following items: A Medical Supply Container with removable tray, a Garlic Container to keep any strong odours at bay, a Beskuit Tin – perfect to keep those rusks tasty fresh, a Biltong Canister to keep your stash secure, a Peg Holder to keep things neat and tidy, an always useful Large Scoop and an exquisite Tea Canister with compartments to separate your favourite brews.

What is so great about Enamel Ware?

Enamel is a very sturdy material, which is made by mixing up steel and glass. It is extremely durable and hardy – it won’t scratch easily. It’s non-porous surface makes it resistant to bacteria and easy to clean. You can store anything in your enamel containers and be assured that they won’t taint the food with any chemical or foreign tastes.

Our range of Enamel Ware products are simply beautiful and are much more than functional items. They add character and class to any kitchen.