When you select furniture for kids, there are a few important points to keep in mind to make sure that it will live up the many tests it will be put through. Make sure that the item kids furniture you choose is durable and safe. It should be hardy and sturdy enough to withstand jumping, dancing, giggling, getting knocked over and all sorts of other fun activities that kids will inevitably enjoy.

Rough edges and sharp corners are a definite ‘no-no’. Kids are quite likely to run into or bump against furniture, tumbles and spills happen all the time. Active children use beds as trampolines and climb tall cupboards. If the furniture has sharp edges or a flimsy structure, it can be dangerous for children. It is always good advice to ensure that the furniture you choose for your kids room doesn’t have hundreds of parts that need assembly. Chances are, if you do manage to assemble it correctly, there will be some weak point causing instability or a small item that comes loose and poses the risk of children choking.

A good way to ensure that you get the right kids furniture is to buy from a furniture manufacturer you trust. Discuss the features of a piece of furniture before you purchase it. Bay Tree has developed their very own kids furniture range – Baybees, to address all these issues that parents face when buying furniture for their kids room.