When it comes to decorating your home for the impending holiday season, here is one basic truth. People crave comfort. Of all the homes I’ve visited, the ones I remember most put me completely at ease. So what separates a merely pretty place from a gracious one?

These are a couple of tips and ideas that have stood out over time and are perfect to add a level of comfort and thoughtfulness that will keep your guests feeling at home throughout their stay

Scatter cushions should serve more than just a decorative purpose.

A layer of cushions instantly corrects the problem of a too-deep sofa. But avoid over accessorising a shallow one — remember people need space to sit and be comfortable.


Stock guest rooms with good reads and encourage visitors to take books home with them.

Furniture arrangement is integral to conversation

Chairs and sofas don’t need to match, but they should all be about the same height so people can talk eye-to-eye.

Keep little vases of flowers

Diminutive vessels, like an old coke bottle, don’t demand much more than a few blossoms, and they add a cheery touch to bedside tables.

Provide a handy surface for toiletries

A cabinet, table, or stool in the bathroom guarantees visitors won’t have to balance their toiletry bags on the edge of the sink.

Pretty containers bring elegance to basic necessities

Fill little jars with ear buds and cotton balls and display them on the washroom counter for anyone who’s forgotten their own.

Outfit bedside tables with the essentials

Make sure the bedside table has a light for reading, a bottle of water with a glass, an alarm clock, and a box of tissues.

These are our quick ideas that we have collected over the years through our experience and the experience of others. Do you have any tips that you would like to share? We would love to hear them and maybe include them in a future article.