This is a fun and inexpensive DIY that can keep the kids entertained this holiday. It will save you on wrapping paper this Christmas and will help give your gifts a personal homemade touch as well.

You will need

  • some sturdy brown paper or white craft paper (newspaper works too)
  • a few large potatoes cut in half
  • a sharp paring knife
  • shape ideas (you can either cut them out freehand, use cookie cutters or find some templates online)
  • paint


Cut your designs into your potato and remove the outer parts of the design so that your stamp sits about 1cm from the rest of the potato.

Blot any excess moisture from the potato using a paper towel.

Decant a bit of paint onto a flat surface such as a plate, board or tile.

Dip the potato stamp into your paint and stamp it onto your paper. Continue doing this until the whole sheet is covered in a pattern you are happy with.

While these stamps certainly won’t last forever, they should be good for a few days of crafty fun.

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