It is Summer, nights are hot and you don’t want to wake up sweaty and uncomfortable. What is the answer? Egyptian Cotton. Egyptian Cotton is cool doesn’t cling to you like synthetic fabrics.

The magnificence of Egyptian cotton stems from the fact that the cotton, scientifically known as Gossypium Barbadense, is organically grown in the rich and fertile soil of the banks of the River Nile. These ancient fields are supported by a temperate climate and high humidity which allows the cotton to grow in abundance, and shapes the strength for which Egyptian cotton has become world famous. Once the cotton has reached maturity, it is handpicked and manually sorted in the mills of Alexandria.

The secret of the luxuriousness to Egyptian cotton lies in its extra long staple fibre which allows the cotton to be spun into a very fine yarn – this results in more threads being woven into a square inch of fabric thus creating a substantially higher thread count. The higher the thread count, the more durable and strong the fabric will be, while remaining soft and luxurious.

There is no turning back once you have slept in sheets of Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is soft, long lasting, cool in summer and cosy in winter; and the joy of Egyptian cotton is that like all high quality items, it only gets better with age, lasting up to one and a half times longer than any other cotton.

Bay Tree has a range of Egyptian Cotton sheeting at a really respectable 300 thread count. All the fitted sheets are extra depth at an extraordinary 40cm deep. All items are available in four colours, Blanche (White), Ivoire (Cream), Pierre (Stone) and Charbon (Charcoal) so have a look and pick out your favourite.