We all have at least one really smelly cupboard, the one next to the dishwasher that smells of damp or the one that houses hubby’s shoes. Well, I have the solution in the “Fresh” range of products. I have stocked this range for a few years now and it’s still really good and even more popular than ever.

We offer three variants of Fresh Tubs designed specifically for different uses in the home. We have Cupboard Fresh for musty and smelly cupboards, Room Fresh to add a pleasant fresh smell to any room and Fridge Fresh, an ideal solution to get rid of strong smells in your fridge. We also have Nursery Fresh in two variants, one for boys and one for girls, that will ensure any unpleasant nappy odours are a thing of the past.

All are in stock continually and, for those of you not living on the coast, are also available to purchase on-line.