Bay Tree Decor is more than a Home Furniture Store. We like to think that Bay Tree helps your house become a home. All our Decor items, accessories and ornaments are sourced with love and are included in our ranges either because we fell in love with them for our own home or because we could see the value they would add to your home.

Our soft furnishings and linens are all excellent high quality and durable, but most of all, they are comfortable and cozy. Our home is filled with the same over-sized luxury quilts that are on sale in our store. The same cotton sheeting that finds its home on our beds is available on our shelf. Everything that we sell is tried and tested and we stand behind it all.

Our furniture is all lovingly hand-made. The designs have come about over years of research and discovering what works and what doesn’t. Our home furniture has been designed for lived-in homes. What does that mean? Well, our furniture is designed to withstand whatever punishment kids can put them through (within reason lol). From climbing, jumping and moving around, our home furniture remains sturdy and steadfast and won’t let you down.

We are a Home Furniture Store with a difference because we put our love and experience into every item we sell and we want our customers to get as much joy out of our products as we do. We would love Bay Tree to be a part of your home, so why not visit our shop or see what we have available online and become a part of the Bay Tree family.