Alfie, my son of six years old, climbed into bed with me to have his morning
cuddle yesterday. He is always chatty in the mornings.

He asks me how he was made

I tell him that his Dad and I made him together.

His brows frown and he is deep in thought for a moment… He then asks me if he is a robot

I told him, No, that we made him with help from God.

He then asked how God helped us

I told him that God gave his Daddy a seed, a special kind of seed, and his Daddy gave the
seed to me and that is how I made him.

Alfie was quiet for a while; I could almost hear his little brain ticking in
the silence of the dark, early morning. …suddenly he asks me what a seed is.

Its like a kind of egg, I told him

He starts giggling hysterically and exclaims, No Mommy, now I know you are


Bay bees logo final

As parents, we believe (despite occasional urges to send them all to the workhouse) that
children need a special space of their own; a space to feel safe, a space to be
themselves, a space for dreams. As furniture experts, we aim to make that space
a reality. Our new childrens range of furniture is designed especially with
children in mind, we use only solid wood from well-managed and sustainable
sources and we deliver when you want us to, where you want us to and if you are
not delighted, we come back and take it away, no questions asked.

The BAYbees furniture range boasts a timeless style that will provide the perfect surroundings for your child.

Made from clear A-Grade pine, each piece has been expertly crafted and features fine groove detailing with elegant trims. This range is finished in a fresh shade of Soft White.


Our cots have mechanisms that allow you to lower or raise the side for easy and quick access and the base of the cot adjusts to different heights to cater to the needs of your growing child.

Storage is always important; particularly when you have a baby as it is surprising how many bits and pieces you will accumulate.

Our range of nursery furniture and bedding meets the highest standards of safety and comfort, so you can enjoy peace of mind while your baby enjoys a good nights sleep.