Our enamel kitchen range is always such a big hit when we get it in that we thought we just couldn’t pass up on these gorgeous novelty tins. Brightly coloured with cute detailing, these tins and their quirky labels will put a smile on anyone’s face.

The “Random Crap” tin is that ever-useful storage place for those items that we need, but never seem to have a proper place. Items that seem random and clutter up counters and drawers but are always needed at one time or another. Generously sized at 27cm x 21cm x 9cm, this tin will keep those items handy whilst keeping them contained and in their place.

A new take on the cookie/sweet jar is the “Shameless Bribes for Children” tin. This tin is perfect to store those treats that make controlling kids just that little bit easier. At a good size of 18.5cm square and 8cm high, a lot of treats can be stored for future use.

The “Expensive Shopping Habit” tin is one of our favourites. Why not encourage those that love you to support your little habit (addiction) by adding to your Shopping Fund? It is perfect to collect loose change that lies around or weighs down pockets and wallets and who knows, it could just add up to a new pair of shoes or duvet set from Bay Tree…