One of our most popular products at Bay Tree is our range of Linen Mists. These Linen Mists come in a range of wonderful fragrances that linger long after use to leave your home smelling gorgeously fresh and inviting.

Safe to use on fabrics and skin, our Linen Mist has a wide range of uses. Here are some of them

  1. Spray onto your sheets and mattress while making your bed.  When you climb in at bed time, your bed will smell fresh and inviting.
  2. After ironing linen, towels and even clothes, spray with your favourite Linen Mist and fold. The Baby Chamomile on babies’ clothes is delightful.
  3. Our Lavender Linen Mist helps those struggling to sleep drift off easily. Simply spray it on your pillow about 15 minutes before you retire for a peaceful night of rest. Lavender has a calming therapeutic effect and could be used to alleviate stress and anxiety.
  4.  My favourite hint….. For those that are pestered by mosquitoes. Spray Lavender Mist safely on your feet, legs, hands and arms and on your pillow and duvet. Mosquitoes will move on to someone else in the neighbourhood!
  5. Linen Mist can be used as room spray, in cupboards, on curtains, in washing baskets, couches, dog beds , dustbins and  more.

What is your favourite use of our Linen Mist? Please let us know.