Christmas is a wonderful time to have fun with your decorating and try something new. Here are a couple of festive and fun ideas that won’t break the bank.

Pine Cone Prettiness

Decorated Pine Cones can add a dash of colour or interest placed throughout the house or arranged in bowls with greenery. Dip the cones in gold paint or use a mixture of glue and water and decorate with glitter for added sparkle.

Gifted Cushions

Tie a fabric bow around your cushions in festive colours and finish off with rhinestone pins for added flare. They will make your cushions look just like Christmas gifts and add to the holiday spirit.

Berry Blazes

Fill vases or clean jars with colourful berries and finish with a ribbon around the top to add cheer to any room. You can also combine them with twigs or greenery.

Water Wonderland

Fill glass jars or glasses with water, add a few drops of festive coloured food colouring, add a floating candle and line them up on your table, mantle or shelf for an instant festive glow.

Light it up

Pin a festive ribbon to your lamp shades to easily add a flash of decorative colour.

Jingle Bells

Tie bells with decorative ribbon to your door handles so that they jingle every time the door is opened.

These are just a few ideas we have come across. We will be on the look out for more. Do you have any tips you would like to share? We would love to hear from you.