On the 1st of September, right on cue for the start of Spring, my little bantam hatched out all nine of her eggs. The site of these perfect little balls of fluff never fails to amaze me and mother hen is such a good mom and when she finds a little morsel of food, she makes a gorgeous little soft cluck and all her chicks gather round her beak to see what she has for them.

Spring is my most favourite season, a time to embrace new beginnings with lighter, brighter accents and it is the very best time for affordable, beautiful changes. So, this is the time of year I really go to town buying lots of new stock to give Bay Tree a much needed lift. Take a look at the new embroidered and appliquéd cushions that are among my favourite at the moment, but I just can’t resist this gorgeous White milk jug & sugar bowl with the beautiful little bird detail. It is very symbolic of Spring and our little chicks.