There is something about wooden furniture that attracts the eye of even the most casual observer. Wooden chairs, tables or a headboard and pedestal add character to the most stark interiors and make them feel warm and inviting. That is perhaps why many new home-makers today are showing interest in buying solid wood furniture to liven up their new homes.

Sadly, many of these buyers end up unknowingly acquiring furniture that just has a wooden veneer on the surface. While this furniture may appear to be solid wood at first glance, it lacks the resilience of true solid wood furniture and its ability to age gracefully. The purchase of solid wood furniture should be seen as an investment since it is furniture that is meant to last and age well. Scratches and scrapes are never a big worry as they can be sanded out and mended. If the decor of your room changes, no problem, solid wood furniture can be stained or painted to match. A new coat of paint and a change of handle or door knob can do wonders to liven up older furniture. The same sadly cannot be said of veneer.

We, at Bay Tree Decor are huge fans of solid wood furniture and you won’t find a shred of veneer near anything we create or in any of our shops. Start your own love affair with solid wood furniture today, browse through our online catalogue and take your pick from beautifully designed pieces that will surely add a touch of old world charm and elegance to your home.