We have just unpacked some exciting new items in store, many are beautifully decorated with delicate shades of pink roses. We love using roses in our decor and design and thought it might be fascinating to take a closer look into the symbolic uses and meanings of this beautiful flower.

Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty and have been used in poetry and religion to represent these aspects and glorify saints and gods/goddesses.

In the Classical era, the rose was the symbol for a number of goddesses including Isis and Aphrodite, whose feet and head were often shown adorned with roses. In Medieval Christianity, the five-petaled rose was said to represent the five wounds of Christ and later the rose became the symbol of the Virgin Mary. In modern times, the Rose has become the national flower of England and the symbol of their national rugby team.

The colours of roses have come to represent different meanings. White roses have become symbols of peace, purity and unity. Red roses are often given to lovers as a symbol of passion and affection especially on Valentines Day. Yellow roses are symbols of friendship and joy. Pink roses are said to represent healing, innocence and first love.

Our beautiful rose decor will certainly add a special touch to your home so why not indulge yourself and buy a rose that will keep forever.