Heritage Day is celebrated in South Africa on the 24th September each year. The first Heritage Day was recognised in 1996 where it was declared a national holiday.

But what is it all about and why do we celebrate it?

Prior to 1996, the 24th of September was commemorated as Shaka Day in KwaZulu Natal in recognition and remembrance of the famous Zulu leader, King Shaka Zulu. Initially, this day was omitted from the list of proposed public holidays, but after some opposition and in the spirit of inclusion and reconciliation, Heritage Day was born to allow all members of South Africa an opportunity to celebrate their heritage and culture.

South Africa is a land of many diverse people, all who have very different cultures and traditions. These can often become diluted in today’s economy and commercial influence. Heritage Day is a day in which all these traditions and cultures are highlighted and celebrated. It is a way of connecting with your roots, whatever you believe them to be.

This Heritage Day, we encourage you to celebrate the history that has made you the person you are, the tradition, customs and history that has come before you.

Each year, our amazing staff dress up in their traditional cultural outfits and we are always so excited to see how beautiful they look. Make sure you stop by this year to see them for yourself.