The impression you get when you enter a room is mainly because of the furniture in it. Whether the impression be homely, friendly and fun or sophisticated, neat and elegant, the furniture usually sets the tone. Often the most well-furnished rooms have a combination of old and new items which are comfortable and cozy and add value and not distraction. Adding a piece of furniture that has a lot of history, or one that has some artistic elements makes the room both appealing to the eye and inviting to be in.

Choosing your furniture

You may have old furniture your parents gave you, or a few items that you used in your previous residence. Deciding which to keep and discard can be difficult. Here is tip that can help – discard furniture that has only practical value, and no style, like fibreboard dressers and pedestals and over-used futons. You can replace them with new and stylish home furniture like a dressing table and a new bed and headboard. If your old furniture is made of solid wood and sturdier stuff but needs a bit of a pick me up, a new coat of paint or re-spray can do wonders to bring life back to the item.

Positioning your furniture

Where a piece of home furniture is placed can have a huge impact on the overall effect in a room. Before you set out to buy new home furniture, take a good look around the room and plan the right spot for your new items. Take a careful note of cupboards and entrances, make sure that doors can open and close without any problem. Remember, a room should always appear cozy and uncluttered, with enough space to move around easily. Decorating your home should always be a pleasant experience, so go and have some fun.